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Cool Tools

Cool tools.  They are wonderful.  Shiny.  Fun.  Flashy.   Whether it is the hottest new high tech gizmo that sorts email, plays music, buys stocks and walks your dog all with a push of a tiny button or a sizzling new low tech circular saw that can cut the wood for your new deck with precision, we get excited about tools.  Cool tools rule!

But let's be real.   It's not really about the gizmo or the saw.  It's about being on time, having Zen music at your fingertips and spending a starry night on your amazing deck.  What we want are the experiences, the results, if you will, that the tools enable for us.

What results do you want?  Are you longing to double your sales?  Dreaming about record productivity growth?  Standing for an injury-free organization?  A couple of these tools may help you get there faster.  Oh, and don't forget: tools are for sharing.