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6 Packs To Go

If you are like me and millions of others, you are trying to cram 30 hours of stuff in a 24 hour box.  Time to engage in some self-development endeavor?  Heck, we can barely squeeze in a walk with the dog and a daily floss.  Fear not!  You can use these 6 Packs To-Go to refresh and inspire you to lead an incredible project, make the big sale, and break records!  We are talking a 60 second investment here.  You are worth it!

Take a 6 Pack To-Go with you to read before a meeting begins, to energize you while you are waiting for your morning latte, or to serve as a pick-me-up on any given hump day.  Share it with your team because, as you know, 6 packs are for sharing. 

Oh, and please THINK responsibly.