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"The important thing is not to stop questioning" - Albert Einstein

Now that was a bold step!  "Probotomies"?  Sounds like some sort of medieval procedure that... oh, well, let's not go there.  Trust, using these tools is painless!  Probotomies are sets of 5 probing questions that uncover possibilities.  If you want to fiercely go where others dare not, put these tools into action:

  • Sunday Morning Quarterback Don't wait for the post-game show. Try these on your "Sunday" morning before the coin toss.
  • On Your Mark, Get Set... - Warm up for a hot day of results with this breakfast for the brain.
  • Check, please! - Want at least an hour back in your day? Close every meeting with a few of these and say good-bye to waste of time, resources, customer satisfaction... you name it.
  • Thrive NOW! - Survive or THRIVE? Get your head above the fog with these bold brain pokes.
  • Ignite Big Thinking - The low hanging fruit has been harvested. Gold awaits for those who go BOLD. Reach way out with these.
  • Crank Up Engagement On the Front Lines - Highly engaged teams win. See if your team is ready today.
  • Grow Your Customer's Business - Learn where your customer wants to go...and take him or her there!
  • Bust Out of Business as Usual - Feeling stuck? Can't gain traction? Going through the motions? These will give you a jolt.
  • Put Your Vision Into Action - Recipe for success: ask these questions of yourself then share your answers as frequently as possible with your team. Get folks engaged in the bright future ahead.
  • Laser In - Wallowing in the task overload mire? Kick off those waders and ask yourself these 5 bold questions. You will come out on top!