The Team

Sue Melone, President and Founder, Boldtrek, Inc.

Bottom line: I started this company in 2006 with a mission: to revolutionize the way leaders create extraordinary results by igniting what matters: the application of the bold, untapped talent in each of us.

Essential business philosophy: You are successful when you help others become successful.

Journey: over 25 years of leadership experience in the US Army and Fortune 500 companies igniting soldiers, sales teams and machine operators to deliver results never thought possible. Transformed poor performing businesses into world-class organizations by building highly engaged leaders and teams that can execute.

Education: Yale University (undergrad), University of Maryland (grad)

Affiliations: Portland Business Alliance, American Society for Training and Development, Society for Human Resource Management

Residence: Portland, Oregon

What keeps me up at night: More than half of the talent on every business team lies dormant. What are we waiting for?

Word that best describes me: Authentic

Love this about my job: Helping leaders and teams do things they don't think they can do...what’s not to LOVE?

Don't love this about my job: So much possibility, so little time.

Most likely places to find me at work: Coaching front line leaders and their teams, working one on one with sales leaders, operations leaders, directors, senior executives, new leaders, scoping out places where the "process-human element" interface isn't working, out in the real deal mix, sleeves up, guts out, whatever-it-takes places. Board room? No problem. Hard hat area? I am there (I even have my own hard hat!).

Book of books: Fierce Conversations by Susan inspirational treasure I have read 11 times through now.

Favorite "non-work" work: Coaching the kids at Self Enhancement, Inc. Their motto gives me chills: "Youth potential realized."

Favorite thing about Portland: Cool people, entrepreneurial spirit, green thinking and doing, space to thrive, 1 hour to snow, 90 minutes to the wonderful ocean, trees, best micro coffee roasters on earth, amazing one-off restaurants, at least 35 brewpubs, bikes, dogs...oh, just one thing...

"Passion is not necessarily something we have, it's something we choose."

- Susan Scott