More leaders are taking the GET BOLD challenge every day. Our expanding tribe includes leaders from Fortune 500 corporations and small start ups as well as educational and non-profit organizations across the United States. Our clients count on us to help them launch different thinking and different action in their daily work spaces….thinking and action that drives record results.

The primary tenet of our work is this: "you are successful when you help others become successful." That said, we don’t beat our own big drum. We prefer the leaders and their teams...and their speak for themselves. A few recent comments offered about our work:


"Best take away from our work with Boldtrek: every employee knowing what the definition of success is and working together toward that common goal!"
- Marjorie Shymske, President, Victor Oolitic Stone


"What we learned: proven success through accountability, metrics and efficiency. Awesome coach that leads through example!"
- Miriam Vasquez-Garcia, Director, Spectrum Pacific Learning Company


"Sue has the ability to bring out true potential."
- Troy Dunlap, Operations Leader

"You asked me all of the right questions.  I needed to answer the questions in order to be the best that I could as a leader. You respond quickly and provide me with the BOLD advice I need, your feedback is truly insightful, you provide the opportunity for continuous learning…and, it is fun!"
- Sharon Brabenac, Development Director, YWCA of Greater Portland


"…empowering individuals to make a difference..."
- Raymond Belt, President, Procomp Group


Because we form strong relationships with our clients, we remain engaged with them as they grow and develop into the leaders and organizations they were meant to be. Daily, we are treated to success stories from members of our BOLD tribe about such wins as: a record sales month, an injury free goal set and achieved, a brave idea executed successfully… all told in real words with real business metrics. We know that every one of these stories count… and they will, indeed, change everything.

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"You are successful when you help others become successful."