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You Are Not the Brightest Light Bulb

The headlamp of my Toyota Tundra got me thinking….   There are some truly brilliant people in our midst.  Out-of-this-galaxy thinkers and do-the-impossible doers are rare…and they are out there inspiring the rest of us.  They are defining new ways to communicate, new ways to provide clean water to impoverished chunks of the world and [...]

Fall In

Fall In. That command once bellowed by a drill sergeant decades ago still elicits a nano-second physical and mental reaction:  stop any and everything that you are doing now and get into formation.  Rigid.  Still.  Silent. There is a corporate version: “Let’s get the team aligned on X.”  What does that mean exactly?  What are [...]

Water, Water Everywhere

Sometimes we take elements of our every day lives for granted.  The more you think about it, the longer the list of things potentially taken for granted becomes.  Maybe it is time for a little awareness booster shot. It’s hard to imagine when I am paddling my kayak on a pristine lake here in Oregon [...]

Ship Or Get Off the Pot

Think about the last time you performed at your very best. Name what was happening. What were you doing? Thinking? Feeling? Communicating with others? I suspect that time did not include actions named such as “not rocking the boat”, “keeping my head above water”, “going with the flow” and, one of my favorites, “shoveling %$#& [...]

1/4″ Away From Everything

  What if… everything possible for your team was out of clear sight… and just 1/4” below the surface?  No drill, Baby, drill required here.  How about just an intentional act of discovery?  A great question: If you had a whole day to step away from your regular duties and work on something you have [...]

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