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Silent Steel

  You are tough… you are strong… a business warrior with the mettle to withstand any challenge that does not kill you, right?  Do you really stand alone?  Let’s dig down deep for a minute. In this week’s ramp up to Mother’s Day, I have been thinking about the confidence, perseverance and support it takes [...]

When Standing is Moving

  Where do you stand?  Don’t look down.  Look up.  Look out.  Way out.  Waaaaayyyy out.  Are you standing in uncharted space, beyond what you know, past what is comfortable, so far out that business-as-usual is not viewable with the naked eye?                 Rare.  Bold.  Authentic.  Yeah, I am talking about you.  You are one [...]

What are you standing in?

  Several months ago, I was visiting a colleague at her office when the news surfaced that a mutual acquaintance of ours was struggling.  The business she was leading closed its doors.  It was done and so was she.  I was a bit shocked by this news and my colleague looked me right in the [...]

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