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Getting Hammered This Summer

  No one I know has gone unscathed this summer.  Everyone is sporting nicks, bruises and wounds from work, lack of work, economy-imposed stress, unfortunate and untimely life events, etc.   We have been hammered hard.  To wit: Sales plans, once a motivating stretch, have been deemed impossible to hit The results of the straw [...]

The Big Dig

Sales is hard work… and it seems like it’s a permanent part of our lives.  We are either doing it to someone or someone is doing it to us.  Day in and day out we are  selling our ideas, our talent, our products or someone else’s products… and others are doing the same.   All [...]

Your Presence is Requested

  I am here.  Are you?  Huh?  When was the last time you were across from a person you thought you were engaged in some sort of meaningful exchange with only to discover that the other person was not “there”?  Physically present: check.  Mentally present: checked out.  Think U.S. Postal Service.  Think DMV.  (Sorry, folks… I [...]

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