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Tickets to the Big Game

Super Bowl XLV is in a couple of weeks.   A finite number of tickets are available on line for the Arlington, TX event.   Price range: $3,296 to $14,207 each.  Yikes.  Hmmmm. Nope.  I think I’ll TiVo the game and watch it some time later in February when I can cheer for my Packer-Jets-Bears-Steelers [...]

Rodent Leadership

  As winter wanes we find ourselves searching for signs of the economy improving, signs of this decade being distinctly better than the last, signs of a glorious spring to come.  Yes, Janurary 2010 is already gone.  Evidence: yesterday there was the national buzz about Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow sprinkled throughout the media.  Hmmmmm….Phil [...]

The Flaming Cavalier

  It happened last week on my drive from Portland to Spokane, WA.   I was cruising at a crisp 78mph along I-84 thinking about the cool work ahead when I was passed by a teal colored Chevy Cavalier.  Hmmmm…. Upon further inspection I noted that the teal mini-beast was sporting a very unique rear window [...]

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