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When Standing is Moving


Where do you stand?  Don’t look down.  Look up.  Look out.  Way out.  Waaaaayyyy out.  Are you standing in uncharted space, beyond what you know, past what is comfortable, so far out that business-as-usual is not viewable with the naked eye?

                Rare.  Bold.  Authentic.  Yeah, I am talking about you.  You are one who stands in compelling possibility… one who declares an impossible outcome and shouts: “it shall be!”.  You put your bold stand out there and you make it so.  It is how you show up, 24/7: in your stand for what is possible for you, your team, your business.

                Says passionate, cutting edge thinker Tom Peters:

·         Leaders THRIVE

·         Leaders are the brand

·         Leaders create opportunities

·         Leaders say “I don’t know”

Crank up your stand for 2009.  Can you stand for something you can’t even see?  Can you deliver results others claim impossible?  Seriously.  If you want amazing results, stand for something amazing.  You can move teams and businesses and customers with your audacity and your passion for what is possible.

                “What you imagine is what you get”  - Tom Peters

Take a stand and tell us what you are imagining.

6 Responses to “When Standing is Moving”

  1. Patrice Cook Says:

    I feel like I’m walking out to the end of a diving board, or at least thinking I might be pushed, willingly into the deep end of the pool. I love the line “you can move teams with your audacity and your passion for what is possible”. I’m working on streamlining my cares and concerns into passion. It’s like having to put on the bathing suit, take the cleansing shower and stand almost naked before you take the jump. It’s not feeling very comfortable. Hmmm, wasn’t that last months blog?

  2. Dave Aberle Says:

    I envision a district (PNW 11) that not only passes their compliance audits for 2009, but in such a manner that they get formal recognition from the compliance team for their AMAZING execution!!! A team where each employee takes the accountability of their locations personally, where triumphs are celebrated as a team and missed opportunities are responded to with vehement resolve to ATTACK them head on! An unlocked terminal is like leaving the safe open overnight – an empty peg is like forgetting to wear a shirt to work and EVERYONE shows that they feel the same – everyday, every second!

  3. Mary Davis Says:

    Great inspiration for my weekend. I am working through a book by David Allen, called Getting Things Done. Working on how to process the bzillion issues and pieces of info that cross my consciousness so I can work on the truly important ones and still have a life.

    I hope to get what I imagine, which is a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in my work, without a sense of an avalanche of issues at every turn.


  4. Sonia Says:

    I LOVE how you define fragments of what I was thinking and experiencing this month.

    I am back to work after a recent honeymoon and I have been evaluating what I want out of this year, this month, this week and so on…Setting ambitious goals with my Husband has not been easy, they are so large :) . Putting my big girl panties on and creating a plan of action then acting seems only hard when I look at the enormity of the whole goal. Taking a little bit at a time and patiently persisting is working.

    Currently I am in uncharted territory both personally (marriage) and professionally. I am so excited for the new life I have embarked on! I am pumped to break sales records and thrilled to have a teammate that not only cheers me on but makes the impossible probable with creativity and will power. I am taking my hot air balloon far and away to unidentified lands then jumping off and conquering what is below then, I will do it all over again.

    Thank you Sue for your insights and challenges. You rock!


  5. Raymond Belt Says:

    once again, I am pushed to redefine my boundaries… thank you for your willingness to look beyond and share!

    the proclamation of the day is that I will consciously stand in uncharted space, look out and learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable: rare… bold… authentic… you got that right (!)


  6. Sunshine Says:

    I recently had the opportunity to speak to 600 students for their Black History celebration. I invited them to create a masterpiece with every minute they are alive. I invited them to “Show-up” I asked them to practice being present. We all need to stand so thanks for the gentle reminder.


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