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Fall Up


The best couple of months of the year are upon us.  Fall. Crisp air.  Football.  Back to school.  Beautiful colors.  Sweatshirt weather.


Most of us in business are staring down the edge of Q4 and perhaps beginning to reflect on how this chaos called 2012 played out.  How can we finish strong?  Make the numbers?  Score that bonus? Most commonly,  we’ll clip our travel budgets, push our machines and teams harder, and swap out some former “priorities” to improve our chase for the rewards and the 2012 finish line.  We are going for the green, indeed.


There is another way to win.  It is right under our feet.  It’s the promise and the potential of people around us, our team, our “direct reports” (what an engaging term- not), our EEs (even better).  While we have been rushing from back to back meetings, looking up and out and in for how we can best position and network ourselves and/or our cause, little seeds and pods of possibility have sprouted up in the shadow of Important Things.  Bits of brilliance have been waiting for you under the canopy of summer. Still waiting…


Want to turn fall into the boldest growth spurt of the year?


Look around.  Look beneath the leaves.  Do some Q4 spending: spend some time with your team.  Help uncover someone’s genius.

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