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Beet This


“Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do”  – Steve Farber


There is something alluring and safe about the Noble Rut… that place many career journeys are found.  How does one arrive at this place? Design?  Fate?  Apathy?  Poor choices at the crossroads? How about moderate “success” at some such set of skills without the critical underpinning of passion, curiosity, and zest?  Perhaps the result of a family tradition of schooling and career path? Maybe the saddest yet: as an obligation to pay off a mountain range of post-secondary debt.  The Noble Rut.  The Dip. Muck.


Want out?  Try a little love.  That is what Chris did.  He dropped the pre-paved, career path of selling big earth moving machines after more than a decade of Rut Nobility.  He swapped crushed rock for something on the other end of the spectrum: fine food.  He dropped “success” in pursuit of love.  Today he is a culinary artist.


When you experience Chris present his art you are gifted with the grace of a man wholly in his element.  The body language, the words, the magic spun in and around the glorious plates of color, texture, and flavors are authentic and passionate to the core.  His world is a limitless field of possibility and a sustained display of being one with his work in the NOW.  He offers a raw, rare aura of love.  Noble Work, indeed.


Noble Rut or Noble Work?  Where are you?  Where is your team?  You know what is at risk.  Everything.


It took the unanticipated introduction to Chris and a magnificent oven roasted Chioggia beet salad to spark a Nobility check of my own.  I am poking you to do the same.


Go find your love.


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