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Life Lite


Simplify, simplify.    - Henry David Thoreau


It’s pretty easy to carry extra weight.  Most of us are packing pounds of ugly plaque, slogging around in The Dip of work, relationships, life.  A lateral move seems taxing, a leap nearly impossible.


Enter an awesome idea, a bold plan, a “what if”.  We think, “Hell, I should go for it!  I should move on and…” and then we look down… and in… at some battle scar and suddenly the railroad gates slam down, red lights and alarms go off, and we apply the brakes.  None shall pass.  We load up another 5 pound bag of dreams, guilt, hopes, rejection, ideas, and mistakes.  Done.


Drop the weight.

Run light.

Put boldness on our backs, not a backpack of failed attempts and should haves.

Feel the sun and the wind on our faces.



The funny thing about running light: when we get to those magnificent, unexpected places we discover that we have everything we need.




One Response to “Life Lite”

  1. Sandra Says:

    How often have we told others to simplify, ‘you should go for it’. Courage handed out freely to everyone but for ourselves!

    Thanks for reminding me twice in one week about The Dip. It’s a great read. And for me, a great time to revisit it.

    Thanks Sue.

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