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Throw In the Wrench

“Expect the unexpected, or you won’t find it.”  – Heraclitus


We are 2 months in. No doubt our 2012 plans are being executed flawlessly.  Hmmmm.  Unlikely.


The majority of plans fail.  There are zillions of reasons why from “we just threw a big goal up there to get the boss off our back last November” to “acts of God” and everything in between.   A serious and frequent challenger of our plans is the speed-of-light kaleidoscope of change our businesses churn through every day.  It is real.  It is not going away.  It doesn’t matter.


Wrenches are dropped in our perfect plans. Our new product bombs.  Our suppliers file Chapter 11.  Our high potential talent leaves.


A wrench is the best tool that could be dropped on us. It makes us dig down, spread out, look up, uncover a new idea, connect with a broader set of partners and tap reservoirs of dormant talent on our teams.


That wrench just might change everything.


Ask Jeremy Lin.

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