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It is only 11 January and we are already scampering on all fours, sweating like a dog, slamming into unforeseen obstacles, and meeting our friends, Fear and Exhaustion.  February anyone?


Look away from the wall of rock.  Who is around you?  Beside you?   On belay?  Who can steady your nerves, dial down your frustration and help you see an alternate route to the top?  Who enables you to do things you never dreamed possible?


Most of us are not world-class (and &^%$# insane!) free climbers.  We don’t get introduced to our fullest potential when we are alone.  Our own gifts are ignited exponentially when we immerse ourselves in spaces filled with people so amazing it scares us.  Yes, you are so right, Chris Brogan.  If you want to step up your game, surround yourself with the best people.


FIND someone who will tell you to your face “You are not thinking big enough.”

ASK someone to challenge your coolest business idea.

INVITE someone to develop a whole new way of doing something that you do daily.

ENGAGE someone in working on the thing you think is impossible today.

BE someone who moves in bold leaps in the company of a most terrific tribe.


It is 11 January.  It is time to BOLD on and BOLD up.


How are you surrounded?  Do share.

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