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Unleash the Dog

The leaders job, after all, is not to provide energy but to release it from others.

                                                                                          –  Frances Hesselbein


We are afraid. Very afraid.  To wit: our white-knuckled grasp on “how we do it around here”, our bow to some glorified array of “best practices”, our time-tested sales scripts, and our off-the-shelf, vanilla-flavored “training” events.  We could gather all of them in a marbled hall and create a museum of our fears.  Or perhaps a hall of “What We Know”.  Scary.


No grand museum or hall could hold the potential of what is all around us… in the talent of our team, in the minds of our customers, in that unlimited open space of “What We Don’t Know We Don’t Know”.  The frontier of possibility is one that few see and into which fewer dare to tread.  Who are the daredevils?  How about Wieden + Kennedy, Epocrates, Acumen Fund, Groupon, and of course, Apple.  The galaxy is too small for their thinking.  They create and do what has never been thought of or done before. That is as BOLD as bold gets.


Find the frontier where you are (hint: you are standing in it).  It’s NOW.

It’s in your team creating success next.  Trust.  Tap your talent.

It’s in the present and authentic exchange with customers.  Trust.  Engage your customers.

It’s in creating a space for learners to learn on their own path.  Trust.  Ignite your learners.


For gosh sakes, what the heck are you afraid of?  Drop the leash.


I know there are more daredevils out there.  How are YOU trekking into the frontier of possibility?  Share and inspire us.

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