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Getting Hosed and Smoked at Work


Somewhere in the wireless galaxy this text series zoomed recently:

Coach:  Hey, Bold Leader, we are overdue for a reconnect.  Time in the coming days?
Talent: I’m drinking from a fire hose. 
Coach:  Such a lovely image.  Over hydrating can be lethal.


Perhaps work has come down to this: long days of drinking and smoking.  As we read this, thousands… dare I say tens of thousands… of leaders are “drinking from a fire hose” or / AND (!) “Fighting fires all day long.”  This is madness.


Some math for you:

1)    With a fire hose @350 g.p.m. you only need .17 seconds of drinking to get your recommended 8 glasses a day.  It appears, Mr. Ferris, we may be able to cut your 4 hr workday down to a sliver.

2)    100% fire response work / 10 hr day = 0 thinking, reflection, strategizing, recognizing, synthesizing…


We know the drinking and the smoke inhaling are lethal… and this lethality reaches far past our own wellbeing and performance.  Running full tilt in survive mode is killing our teams, our businesses, our communities… our possibilities.


Drop your hose.  Take off that fireman’s hat.  Steal 5 minutes today… heck, steal them NOW… and stand in this place:



Ask yourself questions like:  Given this situation, what is my great opportunity now?  How can I use my gifts to ignite success today?  What bold action can I take today to create something awesome?  What conversation can I have in the next 5 minutes that will prevent fires tomorrow?  What if…?


Then do it.


Five minutes can change the trajectory of the day.  Take time to stand in THRIVE.


After all, we didn’t come this far to simply survive.


One Response to “Getting Hosed and Smoked at Work”

  1. Craig Stevens Says:

    Sue, yet again you delivered! You make me pause, step back, and re-examine what is possible within myself and the people I influence. Thank you for the not so subtle reminder of what really matters! Time to THRIVE, more often, with more people. Thank you BOLD 1!

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