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You Are Not the Brightest Light Bulb

The headlamp of my Toyota Tundra got me thinking….


There are some truly brilliant people in our midst.  Out-of-this-galaxy thinkers and do-the-impossible doers are rare…and they are out there inspiring the rest of us.  They are defining new ways to communicate, new ways to provide clean water to impoverished chunks of the world and new ways to run global, sustainable businesses.  Seriously high-wattage stuff.


Oh, to be one of THOSE folks… we can dream, can’t we?


Well, fellow 40 Watt-Club Members, we might not be finalists for the Nobel Prize but we are likely standing in an awesome place.  Look around.  Better yet, listen around.  Ask a bold question and listen.  We are surrounded by frontiers of talent, most of which have yet to be discovered.  Left alone, we may have a group of people doing some tasks that summed create a business unit or a whole business.  Led with less ego and more intention, a more powerful beam of possibility forms.  Edge-leading thinking occurs.  Never-done-before action is taken.  Records are broken.


We have heard it all before.  We are living it today: as leaders we cannot know everything or do everything.  “Leadership is a team sport,” says Robert Steven Kaplan, author and Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School.  The team is counting on us…. our light bulb, our ability to tap all of the complimentary talent around us, our energy, our direction.  Let’s not let them down.


A tiny light embraced by contributions of all shapes and angles can burn a beacon that changes everything.


How’s your headlamp?

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