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The 80/20 of Going Green


Admit it.  You have wished for it… perhaps this morning.  You strayed a little longer over packing your son’s dinosaur lunch box or spent too much time flipping through your friend’s pictures from their weekend on the lake posted on Facebook.  Now you are finally in your car… running late… wishing, hoping, praying that every single traffic light will be part of a daisy chain of green lights today.

Speed.  Efficiency.  Green magic.

Brake yourself.

Yellows and reds can be rich, one-minute gifts.  On the road, you can take a few seconds at a red light to scope out the face of a new restaurant in your neighborhood, see the innocence and possibility on the faces of the kids as they board the school bus, or safely find that song on your iPod.  Nuggets, indeed.

On the road we call the Corporate 500-meetings-a-day Speedway, a yellow/red light is a bold, authentic connection you make with a peer in the hallway (< 45 seconds), a sticky note you slap on a team member’s laptop to recognize something they did well (< 45 seconds), or a quick call / text to engage a colleague in crafting plans for a record-crushing week.  Simple, rare gifts.

< 45 seconds is all it takes to ask yourself “How am I showing up today?”… and maybe that question changes everything.

Green = good.  Yellow / red = gold.

Get BOLD.  Go 80% green (heck, go 6 speed overdrive green!) and 20% yellow / red today.  What did you learn at your yellow / red lights?  Do share.



One Response to “The 80/20 of Going Green”

  1. CCoop Says:

    Sue, you did it again! It is incredible how leaders impact their teams by the way we “show up!” I’m amazed every time MY bad day affects everyone around me. It spirals things out of control and before you know it everyone is having a bad day. We, as leaders, have a HUGE responsibility to “show up” in the green zone daily. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a great theory but it is hard. I need you to remind me on these days to be on my shoulder to whisper in my ear….”show up” and be there for your team. A negative comment or discussion with an employee can impact them for an entire day while a positive comment, even with great SMART comments, impacts them for 15 minutes. Keep reminding us about how we can make a difference! It matters!

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