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Spend It If You Got It


Interesting.  That is what I call phrases like “How do you spend your free time?”, “I spent the day at the mall” and “Kids spend too much time on Facebook.”  Spend.  Sort of conjures up a vision of a big shiny money clip with minute, day, and week denominations of bills, doesn’t it?


True enough, our time is finite and when it is “spent” it is gone forever.  Forever.  We can’t get April 28, 2010 back.  We spent it already.  It’s gone.


There are a lot of “spend thrifts” among us… people who are seemingly saving up for something… letting the minutes, hours, days pass while their lives are on idle… often wishing the day would speed up or that Friday or 4th of July or vacation day will arrive pronto.  They snore through the hours waiting in the jury pool room, chew in silence on a dinner date with their significant other, check out during the weekly team meetings.  They are everywhere.  Are they you?


Idling or saving up isn’t being careful with how you spend your time.  It is being careless.  Yes, I am saying it, Suze Orman.  Spend thrifts are careless.


Blow the wad, friend.  Take each and every bill of time out of that stack and spend it all.  All.  Every precious minute you have on this earth WILL be spent.  Spend wisely.  Spend broadly.  Spend fully.  Make the call.  Go on the hike.  Kiss the dog.  Now is the only currency you have.


3 Responses to “Spend It If You Got It”

  1. Mary T. Davis Says:

    Well said. The minutes and hours we have are a gift…we did nothing to earn them. Most of us know what we thought we had remaining can change pretty darn quickly. So, there are a couple things I am trying to do. One is weigh carefully what I commit my time to. And the other is to be fully present in whatever it is I am doing. The greatest robbers of time are regret and worry. Making thoughtful choices and being present in the moment helps me to spend it for a long term reward. Mary

  2. admin Says:

    Wow! So true! I should be jailed for life because I rob myself DAILY with regret and worry. Thank you for shining the light on that for me.
    Bold on in the now, Mary.

  3. Stan Jeffress Says:

    A close friend of mine once shared the following idea from some reading on Eastern philosophy that he was doing: reach a decision in seven breaths. Seth Godin writes of this same concept in two words: “ship it!” Your thoughts Sue remind me of the value of doing more and thinking less. It’s one thing to be informed and deliberate in our choices; it’s another thing entirely to only choose when all the facts are in and all the doubt is gone.

    “Now is the only currency you have.” – immensely powerful. Thank you for that…

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