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Tickets to the Big Game

Super Bowl XLV is in a couple of weeks.   A finite number of tickets are available on line for the Arlington, TX event.   Price range: $3,296 to $14,207 each.  Yikes.  Hmmmm. Nope.  I think I’ll TiVo the game and watch it some time later in February when I can cheer for my Packer-Jets-Bears-Steelers team at my convenience.


It’s this simple.   The team needs you…. at the game.  Cheering weeks later?  Well that’s sort of weird, isn’t it?

During the course of our workday we get bogged down with meetings and PowerPoint decks.  Perhaps we talk to a team member to give direction or fix something that is broken.  Often we just send that email from our desk.   Meanwhile hundreds of things are happening out there… at the “game”… many of which are great… some extraordinary.

Missing: cheering!   Recognition is a critical element in employee engagement and too often it is a trace element in our organizations.  This is a huge miss.   Recent research by Towers Watson shows that employee recognition by supervisors and managers can boost employee engagement by up to 50%.   Higher engagement = higher performance.

Good news: going to this game doesn’t cost $14,207.   Beyond the few minutes it takes away from your PowerPoint deck (hooray!), recognition is free.   No gift cards, cupcakes or balloons required.   Just you, your awareness, and your personal recognition of a specific task done well are the cost of entry.  It’s the deal of the century available to you every day.  Even right now.

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the wisdom of this NFL promo: “Loud cheering can improve team performance….If you want your voice to be heard, you have to be at the game.”


You don’t have to bust out your pom poms (in fact, please don’t).   Simply bring your whole authentic self out into the mix.   Take a time out from your desk and a “time in” with your team.  Trust.  It will pay big.

3 Responses to “Tickets to the Big Game”

  1. Jeff Rubin Says:

    Apparently one of the best kept secrets in the world.

  2. Ronnie Noize Says:

    Sue, you’ve managed to inspire me with a FOOTBALL metaphor! You’re good, gal, really, really good. Thank you.

  3. Henry Knoblock Says:

    Great post Sue!

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