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2 Hinges, Different Days

Every morning we pass through doors and start our day.  Our home, our car, our workspace doors.   At 2 minutes until opening time baristas, auto technicians, bankers, retailers and the like await the opening of the doors and the flow of customers.  We arrive in front of our computer screens and smart phones and let the flow of email and info begin.  Here comes the day.  Bring it on!

Wait!  Rewind a few frames… back before you touch that doorknob, computer or mobile device.  There is a sweet spot right there… in that very space before you fling open the doors and let the day hit you.

Standing there, at the doors of the day, a couple of things can happen.  You can: 1) ask yourself some questions… How do I want this day to play out?  What is success for today?  What will I be celebrating on my way home tonight?  When I call this day a great one, what has happened? or 2) open the doors and just let the day come to you.

Same door.  It opens in (“bring on the day… whatever”) or it opens out (My bold day starts here… success today is X…. the possibilities are truly limitless…bold on!)

Same door.  It all hinges upon you.

What will it be for you today?  In or out?

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  1. Dave Sherwood Says:

    Perfect! I have two sons in College. As they grew, I used to ask them in the morning what they planned to do today that was “above and beyond”. People often do what everyone else does and they miss the opportunity to stand out or “BE BOLD”. Thanks for the reminder. I plan on asking myself these very questions going forward in an effort to create BOLD thinking! Thanks Sue – You’re amazing!

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