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Death By Silver Bullet

We are busy.  Our to-do lists overflow.  Most days we do a lot of stuff.  We go to bed exhausted.  We wake up the next day and do it again.

To break this cycle, we reach for “silver bullets”… the one trick shot that will bring us 5 new customers, fix our “problem” team members or help us lose 10 pounds this week.

You know the one.  A simple “aim and click and problems are solved” kind of silver bullet.  The one you have dreamt about.  Perhaps the one you have reached for a time or two.

But alas, on the ground around us: lots of silver bullet casings…. oh, and the stuff we have been wading through for weeks, months, and years all the while never finding the 5 golden customers, still dealing with the disengaged team members, and still carrying those extra 10 pounds.

The fact is the silver bullet is not solving our problems. It’s killing us.

In our cycle of grasping for the One Thing, we generate confusion, exhaustion, malaise.  We aim, we shoot, we miss.  Next bullet, please…

Resist.  Cease fire!

Behind the greatest accomplishments lies a different metal.  It’s the mettle required to do the million things, some seemingly meaningless in the moment, that summed create an extraordinary outcome. Yes, a million silent but deadly things.

See, if you are serious about the 5 new customers, improving your team’s performance, losing 10 pounds, or < insert your boldacious goal here >, the One Thing to do is begin the work on the million things.  Today.  Now.

Engage a potential customer.

Have a fierce conversation.

Go for a run.


2 Responses to “Death By Silver Bullet”

  1. ann schatz Says:

    atta baby, Sue…this is great! One bold move at a time and that’s exactly what i intend to do today—beginning with a rain-free run! After that: reaching out to potential clients with your blog motivating me. Today i will BEGIN. tomorrow i will BEGIN…I will shed 10 lbs and more. Thanks for the bold spark today, Sue!

  2. Mason Says:

    Thanks for the Friday inspiration Sue!

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