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One Palette

Imagine if you only had one canvas to paint on each year…”

- Mr. Marchetti, a hugely passionate Italian winemaker

Yes. Imagine.

During the course of my day when I ask acquaintances and strangers “howʼs your day?” I often hear the words that make me bite down so hard I create another micro fissure in my teeth: “same old, same old…” or even better, “same $#%@, different day…”


So goes a day, an hour, a minute without passion. Missed: the unique tapestry of environment, emotion, characters, context… time. Time that is today. Now. Nothing is the same second to second on this earth. So why is everything so similar, so “same old, same old”? How can we just go through the motions?

Ever conduct a whole retail transaction without eye contact supported by staccato, dispassionate grunts? This morning?

Ever have a conversation with a peer or a member of your team that was unremarkable at the start AND the end? Today?

Give me ZEST or give me death! These moments matter. A ten second interface matters.

In the brilliant words of Susan Scott: “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a business, a marriage, or a life, any single conversation can.” Blinded by “same old, same old” we miss every opportunity…every “can”. Tragic.

Imagine if any one conversation could be that One Palette for the year. The one that makes a difference. The one that paints who you are and what you are passionate about. The one that changes everything.

Yes, you can wallow in your mire of “same $#%@, different day”…. OR you can paint with passion, One Palette, one conversation at a time.

Start now.

3 Responses to “One Palette”

  1. Patrice Cook Says:

    One of the ways I have shifted my “same old” is to hit the snooze alarm. Slowly waking up and still in the warmth of my bed, I think about the day to come. Then I purposely set intent. I choose. Not just in what I plan to get done, but also with what attitude I plan to do it with. It’s a subtle shift and, for me, it’s making a difference.

  2. Craig Stevens Says:

    Unfortunate how often this happens. I feel its my obligation to change this, every chance I get, with ZEST!

    Warning to all those out there who succome to “same $#%@, different day” mindset, I will challenge you! Show me ZEST!

  3. Ronnie Noize Says:

    Live with zest? This I can do. Thanks, Sue!

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