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The Big Uneasy


We can decide every morning how we want to feel that day.  We can choose an easy, energy conserving, no-ripples-in-the-lake kind of day and after a Mountain Dew for breakfast, lunch with friends and a 2 hour staff meeting in the afternoon we can slip back into our cars and head home nearly untouched.  Sweet!

Perhaps you are like me and most often, without hesitation, you choose a different journey for the day… the one with blind curves, steep climbs, and off-the map hiking… and you know it’s going to hurt.  And if you are feeling really bold, you will plan to take a small tribe of folks with you today…and they will most certainly hurt, too.  Anything can happen.  Sometimes it does….and you know that is why you came.

There is a line.  Behind it sits status quo.  Beyond it: Everything Else Possible.  Albert Einstein saw it (“I am still learning…”).  Seth Godin sees it (“…the line between people who are actively engaged in new ideas, actively seeking out change, actively engaging – and people who accept what is given and slog along.”).   A small crop of leaders in East Texas and Louisiana sees it…. and they have been hurting ever since.  At the end of a grueling day of learning, growth, and leading others to take the journey of change/growth/discomfort as well, a leader from this crop, David, thanked me for the day he called “an uncomfortable blessing”.   Oddly, I am comforted knowing that there is discomfort… because that can change everything… and it will in that TX/ LA corner of the world.  Indeed.

Tomorrow when you wake up you can choose.  Be bold and push the UNEASY button… and get going.

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