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Ready, Set… Now.


We can’t wait.  Not in this market.  Not in any market really. 

I don’t get it. How can businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs show up unprepared, disengaged, empty… in this time of careful spending by consumers and demanding time by businesses?  To wit:

  • Shopping on line for floor tile I find a recommended site with no less than 26 pages of product displays each with 30 possible product sample photos.  Problem was each page displayed 2 or 3 product photos and 27 or 28 empty frames with the words “image coming soon” set where the cool product pictures should be.  Ugh.
  • Navigating through light rail/road construction in my fine city, I make several futile trips to a not-really-brand -new-upstart coffee joint.  First trip found a handwritten note on the door that said “Closed for repairs. Sorry.”  Not a good sign for a busy Friday in this coffee-loving town.  Three days later, desperate for some good beans, my trip results in being told “Sorry, I don’t have any beans to sell.  I barely have enough to make espresso through tomorrow morning.”  Wouldn’t be so bad except this place doesn’t even have seats in it and it only sells beans and coffee drinks.  Ugh.
  • Connecting with a middle-level leader by phone I ask how the leading and coaching of the team is going.  First, a couple of scoops of fluff sans substance are offered.  Next comes the all-you-can-stomach excuses about “no time”, “the team sucks”, “reports….”  Trust, my stomach quickly had enough.  Ugh.

Fact: what you have for sure is NOW.  Be there!  Get in the NOW!  Both feet!  Present, prepared, engaged, full….READY!  Don’t let the team look up at you and instead see a sign saying “image coming soon”.

                The TEAM can’t wait.

                The BUSINESS can’t wait.

                The CUSTOMERS can’t wait….

                …. CAN’T and WON’T.

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