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Dipping Through the Canyon

It’s here.   Big goals.  Big changes.  Big year.   Just 17 days into 2010 we know this is going to be a year like no other.  We have some decisions to make.

One of my coveted t-shirts is a cool embroidered Adidas shirt that says: Impossible is nothing. Figuratively, I wear that shirt every day. It’s my uniform.  My mindset.  My path.  Impossible is nothing. I decide every day to put on that uniform, to stand in that mindset, to be on that path.  I consciously choose how I will show up.  Impossible is nothing.  Yes, some days I need to look down and remind myself that I am wearing that shirt.  Heck, yeah!  That makes the next step all the more worthwhile.

Look way out.  On the other side of the canyon is grow our top line by 30%, launch our game-changing product, solve an impossible problem, and a few other BOLDACIOUS (yes, I made that word up) goals. Perhaps from where you sit now you can’t even see the beginning of the path to get there. Or you are afraid of attempting the trek.  Or you just aren’t up for the effort it is going to take to get to the other side.  We are entering what Seth Godin calls the Dip: the hard, challenging, tough space full of barriers, distractions and difficult tasks.  Yes, there is a huge Dip between where we are now and the celebration of achieving those BOLDACIOUS goals.  Of course there is!  If something is worth doing, there is going to be a Dip, a gauntlet set up to screen out the mediocre, the business-as-usuals, the I-just-show-up kind of folks.  If the Dip was easy to navigate, everyone could do it.  No, the Dip crates scarcity.  Where there is scarcity, there is value.

The fact is few will make it through the Dip.  That is exactly how it should be. Godin says, “If you haven’t already realized it, the Dip is the secret to your success.  The people who set out to make it through the Dip – the people who invest the time and the energy and the effort to power through the Dip – those are the ones who become the best in the world.”  So, we have some decisions to make.  Slog around in the mire or get BOLD, and BRAVE… change the game…  use every bit of your talent to make the impossible happen….  Indeed, the brave thing to do is:

  • To stand in delivering record-setting goals for you, your team, your company…heck, the WORLD!
  • To see possibility where others dare not tread
  • To break out of business-as-usual activity and accept discomfort as the price you pay for growth

There are some BOLD, BRAVE souls among us.  In fact, I was in a work session with 46 of them on Wednesday.  There is a growing tribe of talented ones whose intention is to get through the Dip… to get across the canyon and embrace brand new ways to lead sustainable, thriving teams and businesses.  You know who you are.  So decide: are you going with us?  Yes, the t-shirts come in all sizes and there is one waiting for you if you are BOLD, BRAVE and ready to treat this Dip like the opportunity it truly is.  Impossible is nothing.

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  1. ray Says:

    nothing worthwhile is easy… love that dip!

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